Dear Heritage Singers fans, we are very happy to announce alternative dates for the concerts and that the tour will be moving to June 2021. We firmly believe that next year will be more favorable for cultural events!

The tickets that you have already purchased will remain valid for the Heritage Singers concerts in 2021. If the new concert dates do not suit you, you can request a refund via the form HERE.

Thank you for your kindness and patience!

Hradec Králové

16. 6. 2021 – 19.00

Philharmonic Hall

Eliščino nábř. 5

Hradec Králové


17. 6. 2021 – 19.00

The program will begin at 16.00 and event will culminate with the Heritage Singers concert.

Baaruv park

Želetavská ulice

Praha 4


19. 6. 2021 – 19.00

Ostrava House of Culture

28. října 2556/124

Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava